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Whole House Generator Install

A whole house generator is are powerful electrical devices designed to provide uninterrupted electricity to an entire home during power outages. They are permanently installed and connected directly to the electrical system, automatically activating when utility power fails. Whole house generators are available in various sizes to meet the specific power requirements of different homes.

Considering a a new electrical panel? This is the perfect time to take a whole house generator into consideration. Learn more by reading our blog post here!

Commonly fueled by natural gas, propane, or diesel, these generators ensure constant power supply to critical appliances, lighting, and heating/cooling systems, maintaining comfort and safety during emergencies. With professional installation and regular maintenance, whole house generators offer peace of mind, allowing homeowners to weather outages with ease.

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Whole House Generator - What To Know

How Are These Different Than Normal Generators?

  1. Installation: Whole house generators are permanently installed outside the home and directly connected to the electrical panel (See Our Electrical Panel Service Page), whereas portable generators are temporary and need to be manually connected during use.

  2. Power Capacity: Whole house generators have higher power capacities, capable of supplying electricity to an entire home, including critical appliances and systems. In contrast, portable generators are limited in power output and can only support a few essential devices.

  3. Automatic Operation: Whole house generators automatically activate during power outages, providing seamless backup power, while portable generators require manual startup.

  4. Fuel Source: Whole house generators are typically fueled by natural gas or propane, offering continuous operation without the need to refuel. Portable generators use gasoline, requiring frequent refueling.

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